Ali’s Wedding (2017)

12 May

alis-wedding.jpgLoud, verbose, and extremely over the top; Ali’s Wedding is almost an action movie rather than a rom-com, but what really sets it apart is that the story it’s based on is true…. Continue reading


My Life as a Zucchini (2016)

26 Apr


In order to appreciate what My Life as a Zucchini is, it’s important to understand what it isn’t. Namely, this sophisticated wee stop motion is many things, but a kids movie it is not. Continue reading

This Beautiful Fantastic (2016)

13 Mar


With a competent cast, gorgeous scenery, and solid story line, This Beautiful Fantastic manages to defy all odds and turn out a dud. Continue reading

David Lynch: The Art Life (2016)

8 Feb

The Art Life

I had heard only good things about Jon Nguyen’s exposé of David Lynch’s formative years, but all in all David Lynch: The Art Life left me feeling no closer to the man who is as enigmatic as the cowboy from Mulholland DriveContinue reading

Aftermath (2017)

17 Jan


Despite my better judgement, I really love the Governator, but even his performance fails to get Elliot Lester’s aeronautical disaster film off the ground. Continue reading

Einsatzgruppen – The Nazi Death Squads (2009)

5 Nov


In June 1941 the armies of Nazi Germany invaded the USSR. What is less well known is that in their wake were the Einsatzgruppen, mobile death squads, who in the course of little over two years shot almost 2 million Jews. Continue reading

Destination Flavour: Singapore (2016)

15 Sep


MasterChef winner, Adam Liaw takes us on what should be his most promising journey yet visiting his ancestral home of Singapore, unfortunately Destination Flavour: Singapore serves up more misses than hits. Continue reading

Paterson (2016)

5 Aug


Festival darling Jim Jarmusch’s latest offering, Paterson, wont win him any new fans, but it also wouldn’t disappoint his loyal following.

A loose ode to William Carlos Williams’ epic poem about the city of Patterson, which has spawned so many of America’s poetic greats, Paterson is visual poetry that tends to suffer from the mental drift of slow cinema.

The film follows Patterson native Paterson (Adam Driver), a bus driver whose mind is constantly absorbing the details of his surrounds and putting them into words in his poetry journal. His Partner Laura (Golshifteh Farahani) is living poetry; a human symphony of pattern and rhythm with the self imposed constraint of living in black and white.

A special mention must be made of the glorious Nellie, a rescued English bulldog who won the Palm Dog for her performance as Marvin. I would say that my affection for dogs sways me, but it’s clear that I am not her only fan. Her trainers spoke of her sense of humour, something all dog lovers will attest to, and which she clearly has in spades.

Jarmusch is clever as always, deftly weaving in motifs that are fitting and witty, and the film tends towards a very softly sweet human aspect, generously warm and funny without being too obvious about it. But slow cinema will never be everyone’s cup of tea, and Paterson could have done with some nips and tucks even in this loose forum. Still worth a watch on a rainy day, and fans of Jarmusch’s previous works will find much to love here.




Before the Flood (2016)

12 Jul

before-the-flood-poster (1)

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last decade, or have willfully tuned out of the news Before the Flood probably wont advance your understanding of climate change and the issues which underpin it in modern times. Continue reading

Banks & Steelz- Anything But Words

3 Jul


In a year filled with great albums, Anything But Words is one of 2016s real surprises. On the surface, the debut of super-duo RZA and Paul Banks sounds like a gimmick. An unlikely collaboration with one of rap’s greats and uh, the lead singer from Interpol, Banks & Steelz goes against the wisdom that musicians from different musical genres can’t mix. Continue reading