You Wanted The Best, You Got the Best, KISS!!!

9 Jul

I don’t really have the words to express how excited I am that KISS have announced they will be releasing their 20th studio album Monster. It is a well known fact that I am the daughter of the single biggest KISS fan on the planet, or at the very least in New Zealand. KISS was the soundtrack to my childhood, their music was everywhere in my house.

Once I even found a certificate in my dad’s manrobe that said “Official member of the KISS army.” That’s actually the name for their fan club, really, but I digress. The important thing is that KISS have recorded an album of all new material and released the first single “Hell or Hallelujah”. The first track continues the band’s forward thinking trajectory, blending contemporary recording elements with the classic KISS sound, a proven formula that has seen them maintain a successful recording career for more than four decades. They may not be reinventing the wheel and taking over disco with this album, but Monster is certianly shaping up to be one of the most promising releases of the year.


Listen to “Hell or Hallelujah” here.


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