Where Do We Go Now? (2011)

21 Jul

Writer/Director Nadine Labaki defies convention in this film about the time old religious unrest between Christians and Muslims, to produce a film that is as funny as it is poignant. The film is set in a small Lebanese village inhabited by both Christians and Muslims who are trying to broker an uneasy peace whilst the war between factions rages around them. Tensions between the men in the village rise to boiling point following a string of  misinterpreted events, and it falls to the level headed women to bring peace before anymore of their husbands, sons or brothers are killed in the name of religion.

The women embark on a madcap journey using everything from feminine wiles to religious conversions and hash to distract the incensed men from their violent ambitions. Propelled from one farce to another, in a story that is reminiscent of early Greek comedy Where Do We Go Now? is a timeless yet remarkably fresh and inventive film.

Cinematically, Where Do We Go Now? is a film that wants for nothing. Visually arresting, full of belly laughs broken up with moments of heartbreaking grief, Labaki has created a film of the fullest experience with even a song or two thrown in for good measure. The film more than proved its worth winning the coveted Toronto Film Festival Peoples Choice Award, and it is one not to be missed at this year’s NZIFF.


For ticketing information and session times visit: http://www.nzff.co.nz/


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