The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

23 Jul

New Zealand fans went to great lengths to secure The Cabin in the Woods for this year’s New Zealand International Film Festival. They were amply rewarded for their efforts on Friday night at the first official screening of the film. Joss Whedon/Drew Goddard’s send up of horror conventions and audiences alike was met with thunderous applause, and with good reason. Not only is The Cabin in the Woods the most intelligent and well executed horror film to come out of the US in a good long while, it was packed full of wry humour that kept it from plunging headlong into the eye roll worthy territory of spoof.

Using the well worn premise of a group of young adults venturing out to a ramshakle cabin for the weekend, Whedon and Goddard have given the subsgenre a 21st century face lift having the star crossed quintet (including New Zealand’s own Anna Hutchison and Australian heartthrob Chris Hemsworth) monitored via cctv by a mysterious high tech surveillance group. What will become of our young heroes and heroines is up to them, but big brother is always watching to ensure that all goes ‘to plan’. Whedon and Goddard throw in everything and the kitchen sink in a finale that would be difficult to top, definitely not one to be missed and well worth the hype.




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