The Last Ocean (2012)

31 Jul

Few mediums have the power to reach out and touch people the way cinema can, so I am always delighted when filmmakers harness its incredible potential to bring about real change. New Zealand’s own Peter Young aims to do just that with his forthcoming documentary The Last Ocean, which illuminates the impact of commercial fishing on the ecosystem of the Ross Sea.

Though Antarctica remains one of the worlds most pristine nature reserves, its surrounding waters, the Ross Sea, remain vulnerable to commercial interests. In 1996 at the behest of the New Zealand government, commercial fisheries began exploring the potential for fishing these waters, leading to the discovery of lucrative Toothfish in the area. Since then commercial fishing in the region has expanded exponentially, and with more than 3000 tonnes of Antarctic Toothfish being caught each year the damage to this previously unspoiled ecosystem has rapidly risen with it.

More than a simple documentary on a devastating and unnecessary eco crisis, Young has created a motivated political text with The Last Ocean. Pushing beyond the beauty of the landscape and the tragedy of the story Young promotes tangible solutions and common sense activism. The Last Ocean premieres at the New Zealand International Film Festival in Auckland on August 1st.

For more information on The Last Ocean and to view the trailer visit:

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