Blur: 21 (Complete Box Set)

13 Aug

To celebrate the 21st anniversary of the release of Leisure Blur have released a complete box set of all seven of their studio albums, entitled 21. This will probably come as a cold comfort to those fans who pegged their hopes on the new album Graham Coxon talked about back in February (for all intents and purposes this appears to have been derailed with just two of the proposed tracks making it out of the studio alive), but it is still a brilliant addition to any fan’s collection.

Album’s Leisure through to Blur have been digitally remastered, and all seven have been fattened out to include a bonus companion disc of bonus material. While this may all sound a bit gimmicky, even a hardened bonus material cynic like myself found a lot to love on these bonus discs, with a few of the remixes sounding a darn site better than their original. If you don’t own Blur’s back catalogue 21 is a better place than most to start, having been remastered and tricked out with all the bells and whistles this box set showcases the band at their finest. Bad news for fans who do own the albums: it’s time for an upgrade, shell out or miss out. You have been warned.




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