2012 17th Annual Italian Film Festival

20 Aug

The Italian Film Festival officially launched its programme at the Rialto last week with film writers and cinephiles alike in attendance. Once again festival curator Tony Lambert and his team have sourced Italy’s finest cinematic offerings to create a festival of international standards. Those left wanting since  the New Zealand International Film Festival took its leave from Auckland can take heart, the Italian Film Festival begins next month with what is undoubtedly one of its finest lineups to date. This year promises a unique mix of traditional Italian comedy, drama, and documentary films with a few mainstream favourites such as Manual of Love 3: Ages of Love (Dir. Giovanni Veronesi), starring Robert De Niro and Monica Bellucci in an ensemble cast, and Giuseppe Tornatore’s award winning Cinema Paradiso.

Guests at the launch were treated to an early screening of Basilicata Coast to Coast (Dir. Rocco Papaleo). The film is firmly rooted in Italy’s comedic tradition, following a group of would be musicians who choose to take the road less traveled on their way to perform at a music festival. Funny and endearing, Basilicata Coast to Coast harnesses the finest qualities in Italian cinema; that unique ability to capture the humanity of its characters in the midst of over-the-top farce.

The festival boasts twenty films in all this year, more than any of the previous years, and with such remarkable diversity there is simply no excuse not to get along and sample some of the sumptuous cinematic fare on offer.




The 2012 Italian Film Festival begins in Auckland on the 2th of September. For Ticketing information and session times in your region, as well as a full list of films on offer visit: http://www.italianfilmfestival.co.nz/


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