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Rag Rewind #3 Dead Ringers: David Cronenberg

24 Sep

Ok you got me, it has been a heck of a lot longer than a week since the last Rewind; life happens, what can I say. I have saved a particularly special cinematic gem for this post, so hopefully all will be forgiven. Continue reading


White Silk Road (2012)

13 Sep

White Silk Road is a documentary that chronicles an unusual adventure: three Australian thrill-seeking friends who decide to snowboard in the Bamyan province of Afghanistan. Continue reading

Strength in Numbers (2012)

11 Sep


I had hoped that this film might find enough common ground to transcend its core audience as so much quality documentary cinema has done, but Strength in Numbers failed to do this. Continue reading

The Immature (2011)

8 Sep

I chose to save The Immature (Dir. Paolo Genovese) for The Rag’s final installment on the 2012 Italian Film Festival because it is a film close to my own heart. Continue reading

Battle of the Bands 2012

8 Sep

If there is anything to be learned from the two nights and 12 hours of rock that took place this last weekend at the 2012 NZ Battle of the Bands finale, it is that we, as a nation, really love funk, metal, and any combination thereof. Continue reading

Italy: Love it or Leave it? (2011)

3 Sep

For those who cringe at the very real possibility that Italy’s former prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, may make a return to government in 2013 (after three separate, and arguably disastrous, spells as Italy’s prime minister) Italy: Love it or Leave it is an argument in their favour, a damning portrait of Italy under Berlusconi, right before his 2011 resignation. Continue reading

The Thin Match Man (2009)

3 Sep

I am sometimes impatient with films that deal in the supposed wonder of childhood, as they often feature naïve protagonists who resemble sappy adult constructs of children more than any real kid I’ve ever met. Continue reading

Escort in Love (2011)

2 Sep

Continuing The Rag’s series on the Italian Film Festival, this week I took a sneak peek at Massimiliano Bruno’s romantic comedy Escort in Love. Continue reading