Escort in Love (2011)

2 Sep

Continuing The Rag’s series on the Italian Film Festival, this week I took a sneak peek at Massimiliano Bruno’s romantic comedy Escort in Love. The film follows Alice (Paola Cortellesi), the pampered wife of an entrepreneur,  in the wake of her husband’s death. Before he is even cold in the ground, Alice finds out that her seemingly filthy rich husband has left her nothing but an enormous pile of debt that needs to be paid now. Having lived the high life for so long Alice struggles to make ends meet till she decides to try the only thing left she can think of to keep her and her young son afloat: becoming a high class escort. Throw a handsome, caring man into the mix and you have the makings for disaster; the course of love has never run smooth, never more so than in the world’s oldest profession.

As you can imagine, Escort in Love is riddled with hooker cliches, stock characters (not just one but two hookers with hearts of gold here), and slapstick laughs, but Bruno has created an enjoyable romp that remains tasteful and dignified throughout. The film is an atypically tame look into the world of escorts, making it a more appropriate choice for group screenings than others of its kind. See it for a quality alternative to mainstream rom-coms on date night, or for a frivolous night out with friends. You wont be disappointed.




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