The Immature (2011)

8 Sep

I chose to save The Immature (Dir. Paolo Genovese) for The Rag’s final installment on the 2012 Italian Film Festival because it is a film close to my own heart. I am a nostalgic person by nature so the concept of reuniting old school chums for one last study hoorah appealed to me instantly. The plot is completely convoluted; an official’s faked qualification nullifying the high school qualifications of a class twenty years after the fact, but it is delivered in the typically Italian tradition of farce that makes such an absurdity silly fun.

The film centres around a once tight knit group of school friends who, upon learning of their voided results, decide to reform the old study group in preparation for retaking the final ‘maturity’ exam. As the title suggests, none of the characters have managed to take the final steps towards maturity since leaving high school; one having become a nymphomaniac, another still living with his parents, and still more failing to commit in relationships. The ensemble cast sparkle in the film, and clearly have such natural chemistry that it is impossible not to get swept up in the thrill of their reunion, and despair when things don’t go to plan. Love, laughter and life abound in a film that is an absolute must see in the festival this year. Genovese has created a perfect crowd pleaser with The Immature, and is, with stiff competition, my personal pick for the festival.


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