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Auckland Theatre Company Presents: Little Shop of Horrors

31 Oct

The world’s funkiest musical Little Shop Of Horrors is ready to spread it’s tendrils to Auckland! Continue reading


Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra: Master of the Violin

30 Oct

Although I have been looking forward to the APO’s Master of the Violin for some time now, I have done so with a certain amount of cautious scepticism. It seemed potentially undeserving to attribute a word like “master” to the barely-past-thirty violinist Ning Feng, who – while fairly acclaimed – doesn’t quite have the kind of prominence that might warrant such a lofty title. Continue reading

Electrick Children (2012)

28 Oct

There is simply no easy way to explain Rebecca Thomas’ Electrick Children suffice to say that it is an exquisite, eccentric piece of contemporary cinema. Following the truly bizarre story of Rachel, a 15 year old Mormon girl on the cusp of maturity, as she searches for a man on a tape whom she believes made her pregnant with his music; there is no story quite like it bar the story of the blessed virgin herself. Continue reading

KISS: Monster

26 Oct

Love ’em or hate ’em KISS are one of rock’s great enigmas; idolized by their fans, but often panned by serious music critics. Now into their fourth decade KISS have released their 20th studio album, the hotly anticipated Monster. Continue reading

Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and the University of Auckland Present: Fireworks

24 Oct

Following on from 2011’s highly successful Sacre, the Auckland Philharmonia and the University of Auckland’s Dance Studies Programme have come together to present Fireworks. Continue reading

Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra: Bach Mass in B Minor

23 Oct

In his 1974 book The Lives of a Cell, Lewis Thomas states that if we were ever to stream any kind of signal into space, a beacon to extra-terrestrial life form, he would pick Bach. However, he also concedes that this would be tantamount to “bragging”. Last Thursday’s Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra performance, in conjunction with the University of Auckland Chamber Choir, of Bach’s Mass in B Minor was not quite bragging but it certainly came close. Continue reading

Army of Darkness (Director’s Cut): 2012

21 Oct

It’s a little known fact that my wonderful partner and I are together today in no small part thanks to Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead. Almost ten years ago now, having struck up conversation Jerry professed his love for all things Raimi, I concurred, and the rest as they say is history. Continue reading

Disney Theatrical Productions and Cameron Mackintosh Present: Mary Poppins

20 Oct

True to style Disney’s Mary Poppins blew into Auckland on a blustery evening last Friday amid a veritable storm of publicity and glamour. The star-studded opening night was a hot ticket among Auckland’s glitterati, and without a doubt one of the most fabulous entertainment extravaganzas I have ever seen. Continue reading

You’ve Been Trumped (2011)

19 Oct

Contrary to my initial thoughts, Anthony Baxter’s You’ve Been Trumped is an insightful and moving investigation into Donald Trump’s infamous plan to build a golf resort in the middle of Scotland’s last untouched coastal wilderness. Continue reading

Ellie Goulding: Halcyon

19 Oct

I will admit that it was with a certain level of foreboding that I launched myself into Halcyon. To my great surprise and delight I was completely and utterly converted.

Continue reading