Disney Theatrical Productions and Cameron Mackintosh Present: Mary Poppins

20 Oct

True to style Disney’s Mary Poppins blew into Auckland on a blustery evening last Friday amid a veritable storm of publicity and glamour. The star-studded opening night was a hot ticket among Auckland’s glitterati, and without a doubt one of the most fabulous entertainment extravaganzas I have ever seen.

From the pitch perfect singing to the lushness of set designs and costumes, Mary Poppins did not disappoint on any grounds. Transforming the much-loved P.L. Travers’ stories of the magical nanny into a jaw dropping stage production, Disney have crafted a musical like no other. A special mention must be given to the two young leads that graced the stage that evening, their vocal talents alone are an absolute marvel, but it is their precocious acting ability that truly sets these amazing wee stars apart. However, it was arguably the remarkable Matt Lee in the role of the lovable jack of all trades Bert who stole the show on the night. Performing truly remarkable feats (I wont give details away suffice to say I don’t think that tap move has ever been performed in the Civic before), and clearly relishing the role of the larrikin chimney sweep, Lee’s joy is contagious and a wonderful thing to behold.

If you have young children Disney’s Mary Poppins is not to be missed, the memory of this magical musical will stay with them for life. It’s practically perfect in every way.


Disney’s Mary Poppins is currently playing at the Civic theatre in Auckland. For ticketing information and bookings visit: http://www.the-edge.co.nz/marypoppins.aspx


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