Electrick Children (2012)

28 Oct

There is simply no easy way to explain Rebecca Thomas’ Electrick Children suffice to say that it is an exquisite, eccentric piece of contemporary cinema. Following the truly bizarre story of Rachel, a 15 year old Mormon girl on the cusp of maturity, as she searches for a man on a tape whom she believes made her pregnant with his music; there is no story quite like it bar the story of the blessed virgin herself. Over the course of her journey Rachel winds her way through the bright lights of Vegas with her retentive brother Mr Will in tow collecting a menagerie of deadbeats and airheads, all the while drawing ever closer to discovering her true self.

Thomas should be lauded for her treatment of the religious content, though not religiously inclined I found it refreshing that the director treated the matter with sensitivity and respect, and with only the most lighthearted of humour. Also the writer of the film, her take on modern adolescence was a perfect balance of brave exposition and sweet nostalgia, crafted into a film at once bizarre and engaging, but ultimately very, very funny. Julia Garner’s performance as the wide eyed and pregnant Rachel was utterly flawless, heartbreaking and a beautiful thing to watch. Highest praise however goes to Rory Culkin. The star shines in his role as dead-beat-made-good Clyde, with a performance that is both affected and genuinely funny. It would not be verbose to say that Electrick Children is one of the finest films to come out of a year that has been blessed with a bevvy of brilliant cinema. A true must see.




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