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Aaradhna: Treble & Reverb

27 Nov

Prior to Treble and Reverb the name Aaradhna was little more than a synonym for emerging New Zealand hip-hop artists breaking onto a largely American-dominated music scene. But after years of radio silence, with Treble and Reverb Aaradhna has come into her own, proving that her days as a backing vocalist for bands such as Adeaze (2005’s They Don’t Know) are well and truly behind her. Continue reading


Tame Impala: Lonerism

27 Nov

Lonerism is an album that I never saw coming from a band I never expected. The genre of psychedelic rock is usually associated with the peace-loving, long-haired acid casualties of 60s and 70s Americana, not 21st century bands from the land down under. And yet, Tame Impala, the project of Perth native Kevin Parker, captures the trippy, synth and sitar sound so well that it would be easy to mistake them for a genuine band of that era. Continue reading

Good For Nothing (2012)

23 Nov

Having grown up watching all the classic 60s Westerns I was curious to see how the New Zealand made Good For Nothing compared with its American counterparts, and the answer is surprisingly well. Director Mike Wallis has managed to create a real gem that punches well above its weight. The plot centres around the exploits of Isabella Montgomery (Inge Rademeyer) kidnapped by an outlaw (Cohen Holloway as ‘the Man’). In the ensuing confusion she is mistaken for the outlaw’s accomplice and with a posse in hot pursuit the tension builds to the inevitable shoot-out. Continue reading

The Killers: Battle Born

14 Nov

I want so badly to loathe Battle Born. The Killers blew up in 2004 following the release of Hot Fuss and everything seemed to suggest that the band were on a mission to make very fresh, edgy and raw music, but successive albums have been on a downward slide toward irrelevance primarily due to Flowers’ ego and increasingly trite writing Continue reading