Aaradhna: Treble & Reverb

27 Nov

Prior to Treble and Reverb the name Aaradhna was little more than a synonym for emerging New Zealand hip-hop artists breaking onto a largely American-dominated music scene. But after years of radio silence, with Treble and Reverb Aaradhna has come into her own, proving that her days as a backing vocalist for bands such as Adeaze (2005’s They Don’t Know) are well and truly behind her.

Abandoning her usual Kiwi hip-hop vibe, Treble and Reverb has allows Aaradhna to showcase her undeniable vocal talent in new ways with its blend of slow jazzy numbers and upbeat mid-20th century doo-wop. While Wake Up is probably the last song anybody wants to hear after its thrashing on local radio and television stations over the past few weeks, the rest of the album is definitely worth checking out. The lyrics of songs such as Bob’s Your Uncle and Lorena Bobbitt are also faithful to themes of the era, bringing a heady mixture of sweetness and oh-no-she-didn’t sass to the table. Fans of the late 50s will enjoy her updated and less American take on the music, and although Aaradhna will need some polishing if she wishes to continue on her current route, Treble and Reverb is a refreshing and enjoyable local offering. Overall, Aaradhna has produced a bold third album with Treble and Reverb, and I look forward to hearing more from her in years to come.

By Nastassja Sheppard-Larsen


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