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Rod Stewart: Merry Christmas, Baby

24 Dec


I’ve always had the utmost respect for Rod Stewart. Leopard print pants and embarrassing barnet aside, he has always been an entertainer who has embodied the classic values of giving his fans his very best and achieving authentic warmth and intimacy in his music. Here on Merry Christmas, Baby the 67 year old rocker is no different. Continue reading


Michael Bublé: Christmas (Deluxe Edition 2012 Reissue)

24 Dec

michael buble christmas

I have to preface this review with my personal opinion that Michael Bublé is the smuggest f*** on the face of the earth. The man has the voice of an angel and the eyes to match, but worst of all he knows it. If you don’t believe me watch any one of his music videos, or better yet that steaming pile of Bublé that is his nauseating Christmas television special. That being said, he was born to sing and made for Christmas albums. Continue reading

Tori Amos: Gold Dust

20 Dec

tori amos gold dust

I have tried to like Tori Amos. I really have. Given a large chunk of my friend circle are emotionally damaged, art school graduates my apathy toward her music has been met with horror. Usually they would force me to listen to whatever song of hers changed their life, how it somehow encapsulated the wretchedness of whatever existential crisis was in fashion at the time. And yet, I remained a non-believer. Continue reading

Welcome Abroad (2012)

14 Dec

welcome abroad

Welcome Abroad – the title is about the only major thing I have to complain about, a clumsy rendition of the original French name which lends itself to much confusion among English-speaking movie lovers (and more than one viewer wondering when a ship was going to appear.) Aside from that, however, Jean Becker’s most recent release ticks all the boxes. Continue reading

Jason Lytle: Dept. of Disappearance

13 Dec

jason lytle

Jason Lytle, lead singer of the highly acclaimed, but never-really-famous indie rock band Grandaddy, has proved himself capable of going it alone with his second solo album, Dept. of Disappearance.

Continue reading

Lady Antebellum: On This Winter’s Night

5 Dec

On this winters night

It’s no secret that I go gonzo over Christmas, anyone that knows me would tell you as much. A good Christmas album is to the holiday season what AC/DC and Queen are to a Warrior’s match; necessary to set the scene and to get everyone pumped for the main event, and with a veritable smorgasbord of Christmas albums out this year I’m going to be reviewing them each in turn leading up to the day itself starting with the wonderful Lady Antebellum’s On This Winter’s Night. Continue reading

You Will Be My Son (2010)

5 Dec

you will be my son

Having spent a sizable chunk of my life living in Southern France and finding it impossible to resist a hearty glass of Bordeaux, Gilles Legrand’s You Will Be My Son was inevitably going to be the kind of film I would enjoy, and enjoy it I did. Continue reading

Sarah Blasko: I Awake

4 Dec

sarah blasko

Sarah Blasko has a breathy voice, a penchant for minor keys and string instruments, and ability to combine catchy pop-songs with an unmistakeable sense of melancholy. Individually, these are the qualities that tend to make me partial to any artist. Combined, I go weak at the knees. I spent a lot of I Awake, Sarah Blasko’s fourth album, feeling a little clumsy. Continue reading