Jason Lytle: Dept. of Disappearance

13 Dec

jason lytle

Jason Lytle, lead singer of the highly acclaimed, but never-really-famous indie rock band Grandaddy, has proved himself capable of going it alone with his second solo album, Dept. of Disappearance.

Stylistically, Jason Lytle has an unusual sound – it’s Iron & Wine meets Wendy Carlos, acoustic folk meets 8-bit space rock. If it seems ridiculous to blend these genres – and it does – then Dept. of Disappearance will be a nice surprise. While the album may want for a certain amount of contrast between the individual songs, it has a floating, pleasant overall atmosphere. The harmonies that accompany Lytle’s smokey voice make it the kind of album that you want listen to while day dreaming.

In saying that, the standout song is the only one I felt less than dreamy about: “Your Final Setting Sun”, the faster-paced, rock-orientated track. While its subject material – the singer that meets a dying man – is somewhat hackneyed, Lytle infuses it with the kind of haunted quality that made my hair stand on end. The final lines – “I know you love this life/But say goodbye/This is your final setting sun” – are sung with chilling finality. It makes for an incredibly memorable song on an album well worth listening to.


By Tessa Clews


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