Michael Bublé: Christmas (Deluxe Edition 2012 Reissue)

24 Dec

michael buble christmas

I have to preface this review with my personal opinion that Michael Bublé is the smuggest f*** on the face of the earth. The man has the voice of an angel and the eyes to match, but worst of all he knows it. If you don’t believe me watch any one of his music videos, or better yet that steaming pile of Bublé that is his nauseating Christmas television special. That being said, he was born to sing and made for Christmas albums.

This year he has blessed us all with a reissue of the deluxe edition of his previous Christmas album, replete with The Christmas Song. If that’s not reason enough to upgrade, I don’t know what is. All kidding aside though, Bublé has put together a perfect mix of old and new Christmas songs, all executed with his effortless precision that make it a must for any grown up get together. While jazzy numbers such as the super tight version of Jingle Bells and classic heart throb croons like  Blue Christmas showcase Bublé  in his element, it is his breathtaking rendition of Ave Maria that is the true stunner on the album. If you buy it for no other reason, you will not be disappointed. So much as I would like to tell you otherwise, I really do believe you would do well to add Michael Bublé’s Christmas to your holiday album collection. Full marks from me.




2 Responses to “Michael Bublé: Christmas (Deluxe Edition 2012 Reissue)”

  1. Charmaine December 24, 2012 at 1:12 pm #

    Cheers for that. I was um-ing and ah-ing over this album but now feel I will take the leap! Also – Merry Christmas!!

    • haleybeatson December 24, 2012 at 8:37 pm #

      Merry Christmas to you and the rest of your family too! Hope you enjoy the album as much as I did, albeit reluctantly 🙂

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