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Lisa Mitchell: Bless This Mess

26 Jan

lisa mitchell bless this mess

It’s hard to imagine that Lisa Mitchell originally broke into the music scene as a contestant on Australian Idol as she is the polar opposite of the kind of musicians Idol produces. Continue reading


Les Misérables (2012)

21 Jan

Les Miserables

Perhaps I have misjudged this film entirely and what you are about to read is the work of an uneducated pleb; but despite the hype and hullabaloo surrounding the recent release of Les Misérables, I am sorry to say that I just didn’t get it. Continue reading

Lana Del Rey: Born to Die- The Paradise Edition

17 Jan

born to die- the paradise edition

It’s true, Lana Del Rey is a musical femme fatale. Her hypnotic vocals and nihilistic attitude set her apart from the competition when she released her second EP Lana Del Rey, and everything about Del Rey’s fresh take on music suggested her star was set to rise. Until she released Born to Die and the wheels fell off, as far as critics are concerned anyhow. Continue reading

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: The Heist

15 Jan

the heist

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ first album together has already struck a chord among music fans. Thrift Shop, a song about the merits of bargain buying has so far spent eleven weeks at the number one spot here in New Zealand, but this is about as light as it gets on The Heist. Continue reading

Mika: The Origin of Love

9 Jan

mika the origin of love

With The Origin of Love, Mika has followed in the well trodden footsteps of many a has-been pop artist; revamping his original style in order to achieve a vast range of very similar, very radio-friendly and, quite frankly, very bland tracks. Say what you like about Life In Cartoon Motion and The Boy Who Knew Too Much, at least they were punchy and filled with personality. Continue reading

Taylor Swift: Red

8 Jan

taylor swift red

If Red has taught me one thing it is that Taylor Swift is not a musician to dismiss. I previously wrote her off as a squeaky clean ambassador for overly-emotional teenage girls, but while Red taps into that market, it also shows off Swift’s solid musical chops. Continue reading

Bruno Mars: Unorthodox Jukebox

7 Jan

unorthodox jukebox

Hit maker, heart breaker, booty shaker Bruno Mars has emerged in filthy fine form from the squeaky clean shadows left by Doo-Wops and Hooligans and never sounded better. His aptly titled Unorthodox Jukebox borrows its sound from a veritable kaleidoscope of influences; everything from reggae, soul, synth-pop to hip-hop is sampled and transformed with a masterful hand into a stellar pop record that is unlikely to be matched for some time. Continue reading