Lana Del Rey: Born to Die- The Paradise Edition

17 Jan

born to die- the paradise edition

It’s true, Lana Del Rey is a musical femme fatale. Her hypnotic vocals and nihilistic attitude set her apart from the competition when she released her second EP Lana Del Rey, and everything about Del Rey’s fresh take on music suggested her star was set to rise. Until she released Born to Die and the wheels fell off, as far as critics are concerned anyhow. Del Rey may make brave, breathy, beautiful music, but it’s boring as bat proverbial when extended to a full length album. Now she has added several more same same tracks to an already bloated track list fattening it out to 23 songs and packaged them up as Born to Die- The Paradise Edition.

I will admit that when I first began to listen to the album she did pull me back into her balmy dreamscape and it was almost like being in paradise, until her atmospheric pop became more like a cloying nightmare, less Utopian and more like being stranded on the Island of Doctor Moreau with no way off.

The clear and persistent problem is that there is not a single hook to be found on the album, and try as one might to enjoy such edgy arrangements, it begins to drag quite quickly in the piece. But there is no denying Del Rey has amazing potential to be a truly unique and interesting pop artist. Her lyrics brim with sultry confidence peppered with whimsy, and she is not afraid of using a broad, almost painterly musical palette. Here’s hoping her next outing sees her putting out some fresh material with a more listener friendly orientation, elsewise ms. Rey may simply end up too cool for school.




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