Lisa Mitchell: Bless This Mess

26 Jan

lisa mitchell bless this mess

It’s hard to imagine that Lisa Mitchell originally broke into the music scene as a contestant on Australian Idol as she is the polar opposite of the kind of musicians Idol produces.

My overall impression is that Mitchell is the musical equivalent of a film character archetype known as the “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”. Mitchell’s kooky, whimsical album Bless This Mess, certainly fits this picture with  its ethereal folk-pop sung throughout in a delicate, child-like, whisper; brimming with a sense of both wonder and sorrow. The standout track of the album, Walk With Me is bold and original – her whispering vocals growing stronger as the song builds in a way that is riveting. Unfortunately there are also tracks like The Raven and The Mushroom Man, which are twee, cutesy and are frankly detrimental to the overall quality of writing on the album. Overall then Bless This Mess is a mixed bag. While Mitchell has the potential be the Manic Pixie Dream Girl that runs away with the album, she is at times let down by the constraints of this character type.

By Tessa Clews


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