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Auckland Summer Shakespeare Presents King Lear (+Giveaway)

25 Feb

King Lear 1-30March cropped

Marking the 50th Anniversary of the Outdoor Summer Shakespeare, this year the Auckland University Student’s Association Outdoor Shakespeare Trust proudly presents one of Shakespeare’s finest triumphs in tragedy: King Lear. Continue reading


Bridgit Mendler: Hello My Name Is…

22 Feb

bridgit mendler hello my name is

I really wanted to like Bridgit Mendler’s Hello My Name Is… Ex Disney channel kids have that special silver spoon pulling power that guarantees they have the ways and means to put out super slick power pop albums once they make the leap into fully fledged recording artists. Mendler definitely has a far more interesting vocal palette than other Disney alumni, so there is simply no excuse for this album being flat and uninspired. Continue reading

Icona Pop: Icona Pop EP

13 Feb

icona pop

When you nearly crash your car, swerving too close to a median barrier because you are spontaneously and uncontrollably compelled to dance to music, you know you’re onto something good. That was exactly what happened to me when I first listened to the Icona Pop EP. Continue reading

On Air (2012)

8 Feb

On Air

Pierre Pinaud has already found some acclaim for his short film Early Frost, and with his debut fetaure, On Air (French title: Parlez-vous de moi), he is destined to garner even greater accolades. Continue reading

Rihanna: Unapologetic

8 Feb

rihanna unapologetic

Riri returns with an album as skeezy as the public image she has cultivated. The title says it all really, the tone of the album is in-your-face, nonchalant, and at times out rightly offensive, all of which could be forgiven if the songs were of the same calibre produced on the Bajan beauty’s earlier efforts but they simply aren’t. Continue reading

The Pacific Showcase

2 Feb


Stuck for something to do on this fine summer Saturday? The Pacific Showcase has just begun. It’s a weekly Pacific marketplace to be held at The Cloud, Saturdays throughout February and March, showcasing the very best the Pacific has to offer. Continue reading