Bridgit Mendler: Hello My Name Is…

22 Feb

bridgit mendler hello my name is

I really wanted to like Bridgit Mendler’s Hello My Name Is… Ex Disney channel kids have that special silver spoon pulling power that guarantees they have the ways and means to put out super slick power pop albums once they make the leap into fully fledged recording artists. Mendler definitely has a far more interesting vocal palette than other Disney alumni, so there is simply no excuse for this album being flat and uninspired.

Worse still the track bleed is among the worst I’ve ever heard, meaning this lame horse flat lines three tracks in and never recovers. Track after track of swag beating, breezy, brash fluff makes for tough listening, and the downright stupid lyrics on Blonde (“But there are those times when I’ve clearly forgotten how to spell words like r-e-e-d-i-n-g”) are totally unforgivable. Thankfully all is not lost. Rocks At My Window is a very respectable punchy pop song that has just enough jump to differentiate it from the milieu of the the rest of the album and points to the kind of artist Mendler could be in time.




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