Deftones: Koi No Yokan

9 Apr

koi no yokan

They say that you should never meet your heroes because they will only disappoint you. In reviewing circles there’s a similar adage because the Murphy’s law of reviewing states that that album will always be their worst; this much is certainly true of Deftones’ Koi No Yokan.

California’s golden boys have returned with an album that fails to fire on all cylinders, owing primarily to an awkward attempt to skew their rhythm and synchronicity. Rather than adding an interesting layer to their trademark tidal wave ambient sound, the effect is jarring and stilted; detracting from, rather than augmenting their otherwise impenetrable wall of sound.

Entombed points towards the dizzying heights of the band’s 2003 self titled album. But for that track Koi No Yokan is forgettable at best, one for completists.






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