Alkaline Trio: My Shame is True

26 Apr

alkaline trio my shame is true

Veterans of the pop-punk craze of the late 90s and early 2000s, Alkaline Trio have come up with an album in My Shame is True that gleefully colours firmly within the lines of the genre.

My relationship with the slickly produced, emotional, romantically-oriented tendencies of certain kinds of later-day punk is tenuous at best, unfortunately,  My Shame is True happens to hit all these triggers with enthusiasm. The band runs through familiar chord progressions, harmonies, breakdowns and themes of heartbreak with diligence and fervor, and while this could have resulted in some great formalist music, it instead leaves us with only a few really interesting ideas. These include much of I Pessimist and the latter half of Kiss you to Death but these moments of brilliance are unfortunately set within a far duller larger body. It’s polished, competent, energetic and sincere, but ultimately, My Shame is True fails to develop any distinct identity or perspective.

By Camilo Diaz Pino


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