Deez Nuts: Bout It!

8 May

deez nutz

It’s always interesting to note which elements are incorporated and excised when listening to hybrid genres. For their part, Australian Rapcore band Deez Nuts are fundamentally lyrically influenced by the power fantasies of gangsta rap, recontextualising its swagger within the slacker ideals and homosocial pseudo-militaristic tendencies of hardcore punk. With the addition of the growling metal-inflected vocals of tracks such as Go Fuck Yourself, there is no doubt that this is a platter of elements vaguely pissed-off white boys are supposed to like.

Bout It is paradigmatic of the type of lyrical posturing and predictably explosive, sludgy musicality we’ve come to expect from less inspired rap-rock hybrid acts. It swings wildly between a hardcore predilection for brevity and more traditional pop structures, with the shortest track, I.D.K.W.Y.Y.T.Y.A.B.I.K.W.D.G.A.F.A.Y lasting four seconds. Sadly, this is the most notable variability in Bout It, with both music and lyrics entirely mired in the shallowest omnipresent themes of both commercial hip-hop and hardcore. Deez Nuts themselves are quick to call attention to this as a point of pride in Popular Demand: “If you’re looking for something deep and politically correct, you can do yourself a favour and press skip”. Personally, I might just do that, though its less from intimidation and more from boredom.

By Camilo Diaz Pino


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