The Illusionists: Witness the Impossible

23 May


With the weather being as tempestuous as it has been of late, very few things are worth leaving the comfort of your home for in Auckland: The Illusionists: Witness the Impossible is without a doubt one of them. I wouldn’t consider myself a magic enthusiast, having not caught a magic show proper since Penn and Teller were prime time television, but I was shocked and thrilled in equal measure and now consider myself something of a convert.

The show brings together seven of the world’s most well regarded magicians for an evening super charged with action, drama, comedy and suspense; replete with a full live band of impeccable talent. Many will recognise self professed “Anti Conjuror” Dan Sperry of America’s got Talent fame. His performance was simultaneously comic and horrifying, and cemented his reputation for reinventing the face of modern magic. While I don’t wish to give the game away the things he did with a Lifesaver and a piece of floss were equal parts nauseating and breath taking; seeing him on tv is one thing, in real life he is undeniably shocking.

Escapologist Andrew Basso, mentalist Phillip Escoffey, and magician Mark Kalin together with his hugely talented assistant Jinger Leigh wowed audience members from start to finish. But there is no denying that  it was the impossibly slick Trickster Jeff Hobson who stole the show with his outrageous charisma, before the Inventor Kevin James closed the show with a dazzling  trick the audience is unlikely to forget (*no spoilers here, it would ruin the magic!).

It might all be smoke and mirrors as they say, but The Illusionists is one helluva show, and certainly not one to be missed.


The Illusionists: Witness the Impossible is running at the Civic for two weeks from May 22nd till June 2nd. For ticketing information and show times visit:


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