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Prisoners of War (2010)

28 Jul

Prisoners Of War

Prisoners of War (a.k.a Hatufim) is the hit Israeli TV series that inspired the acclaimed US show Homeland. Whilst the central premise of both programmes revolves around repatriated POW’s the similarities are largely superficial. Whereas Homeland devolved into an increasingly implausible thriller involving plots to assassinate the US vice-president, Prisoners of War is a far more intimate look into the impact on the prisoner’s lives, and that of their families, after their release. As the show’s title suggests, ultimately its not just soldiers who are prisoners of war. Continue reading


NZIFF Interview: Anders Falstie-Jensen

16 Jul

film fest

With the New Zealand International Film Festival just days away, I sat down with festival veteran and publicist Anders Falstie-Jensen for a chat about what audiences can expect from this year’s festival. Continue reading

NZ On Air: Kiwi Hit Disk 160

15 Jul

kiwi hit disc

Since 1993, NZ On Air has packaged and released the Kiwi Hit Disk, a series of monthly promotional compilations, distributing them to radio stations across the country in order to promote NZ music to NZ audiences. Here at The Rag, we’ve gotten our hands on Disk number 160. Continue reading

Ice Rink Returns to Aotea Square

4 Jul


The Rag is pleased to announce that the Aotea Ice Rink has returned to the CBD for another season. Auckland’s event journalists, including yours truly, gathered to celebrate the relaunch with a very special Onesies on Ice event hosted by The Edge. Continue reading