Jake Bugg: Jake Bugg

5 Aug


With a breakout album, enviable festival posts, and no sign of slowing down; at the tender age of 19 Jake Bugg is a musical force to be reckoned with. His self titled debut album Jake Bugg combines flighty folk with classic rock and roll (as heard on the omnipresent Lightning Bolt), and all the while bubbles with an undercurrent of syrupy soda pop. The effect is at once nostalgic and yet very now.

Academics will tell you authenticity is a subjective, made of equal parts stuff and nonsense, but any music critic will tell you it is the holy grail in music making; an elusive and sublime force felt in your bones. Jake Bugg has it in spades. No mean feat when your music is built vintage affectations, but Bugg’s emotional integrity shines through the gritty phonographic hiss due to masterful songwriting and exceptional composition. This is most evident on heartbreaker Broken, a work of precision and restraint. With it’s soaring chorus and poetic lyrics Broken  has converted many a soft soul to the house of Bugg, and rightly so. With well deserved comparisons to Dylan and Buckley, Jake Bugg’s debut album is evidence of an artist already in full bloom, a must for any collection.




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