2013 Italian Film Festival: The Big Heart of Girls (2011)

31 Aug

the big heart of girls

Cinephiles left wanting after the departure of the NZIFF can breathe a sigh of relief; September marks the beginning of the 18th annual Italian Film Festival. Running from late September in Auckland and Wellington before moving around the country in October, the festival boasts 18 of Italy’s finest recent films for your viewing pleasure. And with a cinematic tradition known for its heart, it seems only fitting that The Rag begins its coverage with Pupi Avati’s gentle rom-com The Big Heart of Girls.

Keeping with his latest trend for making quirky sentimental films as only Italians can, Avati has crafted a film that delivers on all fronts. With a story world so wholly immersive and yet so entirely preposterous The Big Heart of Girls is another assured winner for the well capped film maker. The film tells the story of Carlino Vignetti (Cesare Cremonini) a serial womaniser with irresistible breath, through the eyes of his younger brother who is now in his twilight years. Seemingly content to work his way through the women of the village, Carlino is asked to marry one of the two daughters of his landlord in order to keep the family farm safe. All appears to be going to plan until the girls’ beautiful stepsister Francesca (Micaela Ramazzotti) returns from boarding school and captures Carlino’s heart.

The Big Heart of Girls  is a truly delightful romantic comedy, an excellent choice for a romantic night out or a fun watch with friends. One not to be missed in the festival lineup.





For information on the festival visit: http://www.italianfilmfestival.co.nz/home.html


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