Skins (Redux)

29 Dec

skins redux

Cultural phenomenon Skins is back with its seventh and final season, in far finer form than the series has been in a good long while. Following gen one oddball Cassie (Hannah Murray) as well as gen two misfits Effy (Kaya Scodelario) and Cook (Jack O’Connell), Skins Redux updates fans on the lives of a few of our favourites through a series of three two episode long vignettes.

The series begins with Effy’s Fire. Now 21, Effy has pulled up her boot straps and become a receptionist for a hedge fund company. Predictably things go pear shaped when Effy tries to get her foot in fund management through less than legal means, and her roommate, gen two beauty Naomi (Lily Loveless) discovers she has cancer. Casting off the shadows of season 5 and 6, the writers manage to handle the difficult subject matter with authenticity and dignity which should please the many fans left unimpressed after the abysmal gen three seasons.

Fire is followed by Cassie’s Pure, which is full of surprises that wont be given away as spoilers here, suffice to say Cassie has now found herself at once off the grid and an underground ingenue. Despite some interesting plot details Cassie’s story line is hampered by her typically over the top oddball characterisation which plays against the strength of Skins’ believability.

The series saves the best for last, finishing with Cook’s Rise. Living on the lam after the shocking ending of season 4, Cook finds himself on the wrong side of a small time crime boss and is forced to face his personal demons. Rise is easily the best of a fairly respectable lot here, and that is in no small part due to the wonderful work of Jack O’Connell. Here’s hoping this final outing paves the way for O’Connell to enjoy success similar to Skins alum Nicholas Hoult and Dev Patel.

Overall Skins Redux will do much to balm the wounds inflicted on fans from the truly awful writing in season 5 and 6. It’s by no means perfect but a very respectable send off for the show that pulled back the curtain on a generation in a way not seen before or since, well worth a watch.



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