The Twilight Saga: Love Songs from the Twilight Saga

15 Feb


When it comes to the Twilight Saga my feet are firmly planted in team Too Old for this Franchise, so it was with more than a little bemusement that I set about reviewing this latest (and hopefully last) musical installment The Twilight Saga: Love Songs from the Twilight Saga. I needn’t have worried. The same reedy voiced, emotionally overwrought music I used to listen to on Dawson’s Creek in high school has simply been rehashed and repackaged for the next generation.

Touted as the best love songs from the trilogy, Love Songs is a respectable two disc compilation with a generous thirty-two tracks in total. Not skimping on the big hitters, Bruno Mars’ It Will Rain, Christina Perri’s ear worm A Thousand Years and Cee Lo Green’s What Part of Forever sit comfortably alongside lesser known artists and a few skanty orchestral pieces, making for a diverse and generally entertaining listening experience. There are a couple of curious exceptions, namely Muse’s exclusive Neutron Star Collision and The Cranberries’ Dreams, both of which are notable in their absence,  but overall Love Songs is a pretty comprehensive catalogue of the trilogy’s best music which is sure to sate die-hard Twihards. Obviously this is one purely for the fans, but it’s an all round respectable effort.



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