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NT Live War Horse (2014)

23 Mar


Rialto cinemas are continuing their hugely popular NT Live series this month with the introduction of War Horse. Based on Michael Morpurgo’s much loved 1982 novel of the same name, NT Live War Horse tells the story of young Albert’s attempts to retrieve his beloved horse, Joey after he is bought by the British cavalry during World War 1. Continue reading


Crosses: Crosses

21 Mar


When I think back to the time when I first discovered that I wanted to write about music Deftones are deeply enmeshed in those memories. Their creativity, diversity, and unparalleled ambiance set them apart during a time when rock music had devolved into a murky swamp of commercially viable vapid noise. As any writer will know, it is those rare gems that give you the musical “Aha moments” and keep the flame alight in your belly. Front man Chino Moreno’s side project Crosses is just such a one. Continue reading

JFK: A Fresh Perspective (2013)

14 Mar


Produced to commemorate the  50th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination, Susan Bellows’ JFK: A Fresh Perspective sets out to shed new light on arguably one of America’s greatest presidents. Tracing his days from a sickly youth through to his entry into politics and his eventual term as president, JFK chronicles the pivotal moments in Kennedy’s private and political life. Continue reading

Auckland Music Theatre Inc. and Amici Productions Present: Mamma Mia! (2014)

4 Mar

mamma mia

Until last night I’d never seen Catherine Johnson’s Mamma Mia in any incarnation, that’s right, not even the film. It wasn’t a case of living under a rock, the music of ABBA is just a bit before my time so I couldn’t see the appeal. That was until I was intensely ABBA’d on, and I loved it! Continue reading