Auckland Music Theatre Inc. and Amici Productions Present: Mamma Mia! (2014)

4 Mar

mamma mia

Until last night I’d never seen Catherine Johnson’s Mamma Mia in any incarnation, that’s right, not even the film. It wasn’t a case of living under a rock, the music of ABBA is just a bit before my time so I couldn’t see the appeal. That was until I was intensely ABBA’d on, and I loved it!

Set on a small Greek island, Mamma Mia tells the story of Sophie (Aimee Gray), about to get married and set on finding out which of her mother Donna’s (Delia Hannah) three former lovers is her father; all through the music of ABBA. While I obviously cannot compare the Auckland Music Theatre and Amici Production’s incarnation to previous productions, I can tell you that the oldies steal the show and make this leg of Mamma Mia truly worth a watch.

Our very own Jackie Clarke is exceptional in her role as Rosie. A veteran performer, Jackie achieved the perfect balance of theatrical presence, never straying into the exaggeration that so often foils a perfectly good musical production. Her voice is also just as good as ever, Ms Clarke can only be described as a consummate entertainer and deserves to be lauded not only for her part in this production of Mamma Mia but also her enduring work in New Zealand’s entertainment industry.

Richard Neame also deserves a special mention for his performance as Donna’s former flame Sam. Neame clearly revels in musical theatre and his vocals were superb, a true theatre gem.

Mamma Mia is frothy kitsch at its best, and the perfect way to spend a night out with the girls, or as in my case, the lad.




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