Crosses: Crosses

21 Mar


When I think back to the time when I first discovered that I wanted to write about music Deftones are deeply enmeshed in those memories. Their creativity, diversity, and unparalleled ambiance set them apart during a time when rock music had devolved into a murky swamp of commercially viable vapid noise. As any writer will know, it is those rare gems that give you the musical “Aha moments” and keep the flame alight in your belly. Front man Chino Moreno’s side project Crosses is just such a one.

Encompassing all those qualities that made Deftones great and adding radio friendly hooks, dance beats and less obscure lyrics to the mix, Crosses are the most exciting thing to happen to rock music in years. Their debut self titled album brings together the tracks previously released on EP 1 and EP 2 augmenting the list with the remaining five tracks that were previously set to be released as the stand alone EP 3. What this means for the listener is that rather than having an album of five brilliantly crafted songs and ten filler, almost every track on Crosses would be worthy of release as a single.

Additionally, the piecemeal nature of the release has given the album great diversity. From the typically Moreno hard/soft dynamics of Bitches Brew, through to the poppy sentimentality of Frontiers and the anthemic PrurientCrosses showcases the versatility of its members, proving that they are greater than the sum of their prior work. Swoon worthy, soulful, and impeccably refined Crosses is the future of rock and roll, a masterclass in record making and a must for any discerning collector. Get it now.



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