Lily Allen: Sheezus

9 May


It’s been a long time between drinks for the irrepressible Ms Allen, with Sheezus arriving some five years after It’s Not Me It’s You. Her personal life has been a roller coaster ride since 2009 and that’s provided some fairly good fodder for this, her third album, and for the most part that has translated into an inspired comeback.

Sheezus L8 CMMR, and Hard Out There showcase Allen’s knack for combining catchy pop beats with impeccable writing talent; proving that she has lost none of her relevance during her hiatus from music. There are a good many laughs to be had on the album and we here at The Rag applaud her for using the ‘P word’ which is so taboo in our patriarchal society. But surprisingly it is the deeply personal Take My Place, which recounts Allen’s emotional struggle after her miscarriage, that is the true triumph of Sheezus. Dynamic arrangement and Lily’s vocal experimentation lift what could have been an uncomfortably confronting track, managing to turn Take My Place into a power pop success.

There are a small handful of duds on the album, URL Badman in particular fails to live up the overall quality of the album, but overall Sheezus marks a triumphant return for London’s mouthy ladette. An easy five stars.






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