Grouplove: Spreading Rumours

14 Jun


I really wanted to like Grouplove’s second full length album, Spreading Rumours, and despite them still being every bit as irritating as they were on Never Trust a Happy Song I kind of almost did.

Songs such as Didn’t Have to GoBiting the Bullet and Ways to Go show that Grouplove have the potential to be a great indie band. Layering varied styles from pop, rock and hip-hop palettes these tracks point to the best way forward for the band; embracing a unique sound rather than treading well worn paths.

It’s when the band start to emulate others that the wheels fall off. Fun and Mother Mother are brought to mind when listening to much of Spreading Rumours. Taking cues from mind numbingly self-conscious peers is never going to yield anything but terrible results so I should be grateful that on Raspberry the band clearly chose the Pixies as their source of inspiration, but here Grouplove are punching above their weight. Sticking too closely to Black/Deal’s formula while capturing none of their dreamy unhinged rapport, Raspberry comes off a poor approximation and leaves the band’s cracks exposed.

Spreading Rumours is one step closer to greatness for Grouplove but it still falls far short of a good listen. Give it a miss.




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