The Orwells: Disgraceland

29 Jul


Get ready to click, clap, shuffle and head bang as Illinois’ golden boys return with their second full length album Disgraceland. Barely out of high school, The Orwells have come back with an album of exquisite composition and eclectic influences that is referential without being derivative, proving they aren’t just another one trick musical pony.

Breakout anti-anthem Who Needs You is well worthy of the hype. Shambolic, reckless, desperate, and above all insightful; the song encompasses everything that makes rock and roll such a powerful cultural force, and so seductive to the youth.

But unlike so many of their contemporaries, it is on those songs which wont become singles where The Orwells truly make their mark. Norman is beautifully airy, calling to mind the down gazing dreaminess of Ian Curtis. Elsewhere the band weave together elements of doo-wop, glam rock, grunge and punk, lacing them all with a heady mix of debauchery and romance.

While it’s hard to pick a favourite from a truly stellar album, Blood Bubbles ties together everything that makes The Orwells such an exciting band. Here the band takes 60s pop quaintness and dirties it up with macabre lyrics as masterfully as the Ramones.

Disgraceland is rock and roll proper, a classic in the making.






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