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Balancing Act (Gli equilibristi) (2013)

26 Sep

Balancing Act

As this year’s Italian Film Festival finally kicks off, we take a look at Ivanno De Matteo’s brilliant drama Balancing Act. Continue reading


Flaxworks Presents: Wild Bees (Directed by Stuart Devenie)

16 Sep

Wild Bees 02 - Alexander Campbell, Damien Avery, Wesley Dowdell, Jordan Blaikie, Kevin Keys, Donogh Rees, Alex Ellis, Emma Newborn and Alistair Browning

1991, a corporate conference room in Wellington. As $23 billion of New Zealand assets are flogged to the highest bidder and labour laws are rewritten, a union team renegotiates their contract with a company after it’s sold offshore. Continue reading

Viva Italy (Viva l’Italia) (2012)

15 Sep

Viva Italy

Director Massimiliano Bruno takes the idea of the honest politician to the next level in his latest farce Viva Italy, when corrupt senator Michele Spagnolo (Michele Placido) is compelled to tell the truth following brain damage from a stroke. Continue reading

Every Blessed Day (Tutti i santi giorni) (2012)

7 Sep


Continuing our coverage of the forthcoming Italian Film Festival, today we take a look at acclaimed screenwriter/director Paolo Virzì’s Every Blessed Day.

Wonderful in its humanity, Every Blessed Day tells the story of Antonia (Italian popstar Thony) and Guido (Luca Marinelli); a couple deeply in love but struggling with their failure to produce a child after 6 years together. Tension mounts as Antonia’s past demons catch up with her in her fragile state, and ever loving Guido can do nothing but watch her implode.

Thony delivers an outstanding performance as the troubled Antonia, and Marinelli delivers a quietly beautiful performance as book worm Guido; their onscreen chemistry is palpable and highly convincing. Virzi too can consider the film another feather in his cap, continuing his tradition of very Italian, very honest slice of life cinema. A lovely little gem in the festival’s lineup.




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The Red and the Blue (Il rosso e il blue) (2012)

2 Sep


Engaging, charming, and ultimately bittersweet; Guiseppe Piccioni has adapted school teacher Marco Lodoli’s novel for the big screen with style and grace making it my first selection for this year’s Italian Film Festival. Continue reading