Viva Italy (Viva l’Italia) (2012)

15 Sep

Viva Italy

Director Massimiliano Bruno takes the idea of the honest politician to the next level in his latest farce Viva Italy, when corrupt senator Michele Spagnolo (Michele Placido) is compelled to tell the truth following brain damage from a stroke.

Bruno uses the concept to paint broad strokes addressing the many ails of the Italian political system; highlighting the problems of bribery, classism and unemployment. But the film does not delve too deep into these issues, instead focusing on the everyday results of governmental corruption and apathy through Spagnolo and his adult children Susanna (Ambra Angiolini), Valerio (Alessandro Gassman) and Riccardo (heartthrob Raoul Bova). Staying true to type, Bruno also throws in a healthy dose of romantic comedy to help the political medicine go down

Threats of hospital closures, a general lack of opportunities, and dodgy dealings abound; but rest assured, Bruno has thrown in many big laughs, making Viva Italia the perfect film for a catch up with friends or a night out with your partner. Another wonderful selection in the Italian Film Festival’s  2014 lineup.


For more information on the 2014 Italian Film Festival visit:


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