Balancing Act (Gli equilibristi) (2013)

26 Sep

Balancing Act

As this year’s Italian Film Festival finally kicks off, we take a look at Ivanno De Matteo’s brilliant drama Balancing Act.

De Matteo makes a bold statement, choosing the little traversed terrain of the financial burden of separation. The film follows the trials of Giulio (Valerio Mastandrea), a loving father of two, who agrees to move out and continue to support his family, following his wife Elena’s (Barbora Bobulova) discovery of his infidelity. Giulio soon learns that it is far harder to do right by his family on his current wage than he anticipated, and he begins to take on odd jobs as a means to keep his head above water, but to no avail. As Giulio’s situation becomes more desperate, he loses sight of what was most important to him, in a story that is so often overlooked in today’s cinema and yet all too familiar in real life.

Italian cinematic royalty Barbora Bobulova once again delivers a flawless performance as Giulio’s aggrieved wife Elena, but it is Valerio Mastandrea’s award winning performance as down and out Giulio that carries the film. My top pick for this year’s festival, a real must watch.


For more information on the 2014 Italian Film Festival visit:


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