Alfred Hitchcock Directs: The TV Collection (2014)

7 Dec

Alfred Hitchcock Directs - The TV Collection

Madman Entertainment pairs itself with the master of macabre in a match made in heaven here; bringing together the episodes of Hitchcock Presents and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour directed by Hitchcock himself, to create the distilled masterpiece that is Alfred Hitchcock Directs: The TV Collection

There is little I could say that has not already been said about the director whose attention to detail, stylistic flair, and above all, uncompromising artistry left an indelible mark on cinema. But it will suffice to say that he is in no small way to blame for this one time economics student becoming a film graduate. He simply has no equal, and his work in television is another testament to that.

Each episode begins with an introduction, and finishes with closing words from Hitchcock himself which is a true delight for fans of the director. His dry wit, and penchant for the ridiculous augment the delightfully dark stories beautifully. The stories themselves tell tales of murder, greed, and curiosities with the slickness and humour one would expect from the director. Viewers will enjoy performances by the likes of Vincent Price, John Williams, Robert Redford, and Claude Rains; as well as the highly stylised acting and social mores of the times.

A must for any cinephile and a fantastic Christmas gift for Hitchcock fans. A real delight.


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