Deftones: Gore

26 May

deftones gore

California’s reigning kings of indefinable, messily ambient metal have released a new album- before you get your hopes up it’s not Eros; but for that disappointment, Gore is a triumphant return.

Despite a stellar resume, having emerged from the ashes of nu-metal’s hollow excesses and carving out a career of dizzying highs, Deftones’ past two albums have lacked the musicality that set them apart from their peers. Perhaps it was the unexpected loss of Chi Cheng, but where their earlier works brought together a wall of noise with artfully obscured pop principles, Diamond Eyes and Koi No Yokan sounded fragmented and directionless. So I will admit I went into Gore with trepidation, but was pleasantly surprised with a remarkable return to form for the band.

Borrowing from Chino Moreno’s other project, Crosses, Gore is cryptic and romantic, dramatic and frantic; filled with unfettered emotion. There’s also a greater dance influence, and Moreno has transposed the more melodic vocals used on Crosses to great effect here. While the album is consistently well executed, these elements are brought into perfect harmony on “Prayers/Triangles”, “Acid Hologram” and “Hearts Wires”.

A classic in the making, get it now.




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