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Roxette: Good Karma

21 Jun


Most well known internationally for their 1988 LP Look Sharp!, Swedish pop duo Roxette have managed the rare trick most eighties acts couldn’t: longevity. Continue reading


The Monkees: Good Times

14 Jun


The Monkees have enlisted a couple of big-name fans to help them craft Good Times, their first album in 20 years, and their first since the death of bandmate Davy Jones. Continue reading

The Fashion Collection (2015, 4 DVD Box Set)

6 Jun


It’s no secret that I’m a die hard fashion victim. My closet, if you can call it that, stretches well beyond five metres of racks, and includes something I call “the shoe room”. Indulgent? Yes. Remorseful? No. So when I saw this tasty morsel, a collection of four dvd documentaries on fashion, which married my twin passions for clothing and cinema, I was sold…come home to mummy, darling. Continue reading

James Blake: The Colour in Anything

4 Jun

james blake

While it benefits from a more expansive sound, James Blake’s third album is cut from the same cloth as its predecessors. Continue reading