Motorhead: Clean Your Clock

13 Jul


Motorhead’s final live album, Clean Your Clock chronicles two performances recorded a month before Lemmy’s death in December last year.

As a live show, it is a mixed bag. Though the band gives it their all, Lemmy is clearly beat. His voice nearly inaudible at times, and it just highlights how ill he was.

Listening to this album is a somewhat ghoulish experience. I was reminded at times of the infamous video of a dying Klaus Nomi straining through ‘Cold Song’.

However, while as a musical document, Clean Your Clock is underwhelming, there is something incredibly admirable about Lemmy’s performance. Even though he was not well, the fact that Lemmy persevered right up until the end is admirable.

Still as a send-off to the metal legend, fans and casual listeners alike are better off listening to last year’s Bad Magic.


By Tim George


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