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Jeff Beck: Loud Hailer

28 Aug


Jeff Beck is one of the great British rock guitarists of the Sixties, up there with Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. And like those two, he was lead guitarist for British invasion band the Yardbirds. Continue reading


National Geographic – The WWII Collection: History’s Darkest Hour (2016)

19 Aug
Comprising four titles ‘Inside World War II’, ‘The Hunt for Hitler’, Nazi Megastructures and Nazi Megastructures 2  National Geographic presents a somewhat eclectic mix of WWII titles with it’s latest  collection. While I initially had some reservations about the broad selection of topics I was pleasantly surprised with what National Geographic offered.

Continue reading

Cronenberg Collection (1975-83)

10 Aug


An excellent starting point for any cinephile keen on experiencing one of cinema’s most boundary pushing auteur; this Cronenberg Collection brings together three films which offer a fair representation of Cronenberg’s inimitable style. Continue reading

Vic Mensa: There’s Alot Going On

8 Aug


Vic Mensa’s first EP is surprisingly deep for what is essentially a sampler, or teaser, for his next album. It deals with the current zeitgeist in direct and unflinching detail, but without coming of didactic. Continue reading