The Bélier Family (2014)

25 Sep


The much touted French family feelgood brings some high notes but falls a little flat for adult viewers.

The Bélier Family is a quirky tale, ma, pa and brother Bélier are all deaf, leaving eldest child, Gigi, to act as a go between for the tight knit bunch and the outside world. Gigi has dreams of her own, however, and a remarkable talent for singing that is pulling the young work-horse from her familial duties.

The film is pleasant enough, and there’s no denying Louane Emera is an astoundingly talented young lady, but for all the hype (the film was nominated for a swag of awards and won a modest few), overall it just didn’t come together in a compelling way. Relying heavily on clichés, and falling into the tropes of American teen films, The Bélier Family seems ideally suited to a younger, less demanding audience. That being said, as teen movies go, The Bélier Family is far more wholesome and less polished than its English speaking counterparts which is refreshing.

A good school holiday film.






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