Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! (2015)

10 Oct


Five unhappy high school students are brought together by an alien who looks like a pink wombat to defend the earth from a trio of evil popular kids who are trying to conquer the planet for a small green hamster-like alien.

This show is mad. A hilarious takedown of the popular ‘magic girl’ genre, Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! takes a familiar formula (young girl gains powers and fights supernatural foes), switches the genders of its protagonists and adds a dollop of self awareness.

Transformed into androgynous warriors for ‘love’, the greatest crisis our heroes face is coming to terms with the ridiculousness of their predicament. They hate their outfits, dismiss the pompous speeches they have to regurgitate when they transform, and struggle to understand exactly what their mission is.

Accompanied by their alien mentor and a teacher’s reanimated corpse, they have to confront various strange enemies, including a super-powered pedant made of chopsticks and a sentient piece of chikuwabu (a wheat-based food item).

Despite the language barrier, the show is laugh-out-loud funny, taking well-aimed pot shots at the hammier cliches of Japanese TV cartoons. If you are looking for something off the beaten track, or you are looking for a way to exorcise your anger about the resurgence of Pokemon, this is your jam.


By Tim George


One Response to “Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! (2015)”

  1. Karandi October 10, 2016 at 8:48 pm #

    The first season of this was fantastic but I didn’t make it through the second season. It really felt like the joke had run it’s course and there wasn’t much left for the series to say. Thanks for sharing.

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