Truman (2015)

2 Jun


Cesc Gay produces a likable film that never quite works well enough to be as great as it should have been in Truman. Starring the delicious and ever wonderful Argentine, Ricardo Darin, and supported by the equally capable Javier Cámara and Dolores Fonzi; Truman had all the makings of a touching end-of-life film that seem to be so effortless for European cinema makers.

The film follows Julián (Darin), a swaggering stage actor who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and has decided to forgo treatment, as he searches for a new owner for his much loved pooch, the titular Truman. Julián’s friend Tomás (Cámara) joins him from Canada for a brief final hurrah, while their mutual friend Paula (Fonzi) implores Tomás to change Julián’s mind about seeking treatment. Over the course of Tomás’ visit we see Julián lose a job, grapple with breaking the news of his diagnosis with his adult son, party, and all the while interview prospective families to see if any measure up to his standards fro Truman.

All the elements seem to be stacked up for a terrific film, and yet it all just falls a bit flat, almost certainly because of the meandering pace which is so classic of the European style, and yet which is so at odds with the urgency of the subject matter. Julián is dying. He is on borrowed time and he loves his dog too much to let him go to just anyone, yet we aimlessly walk streets, lounge at parties, take late night rides home, and talk long into the night. None of which is in sync with the idea that finding a home for Truman is a pressing concern as Julián’s clock is ticking. This is a niggle, but a sizable one, and if the pacing had been handled better Truman could have been the film that Gay and Darin should have made. Overall though a bum note from this group is still swell by most standards so save Truman for a rainy day.




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