Aftermath (2017)

17 Jan


Despite my better judgement, I really love the Governator, but even his performance fails to get Elliot Lester’s aeronautical disaster film off the ground.

Aftermath begins confrontingly with the sudden death of Roman’s (Arnold Schwarzenegger) wife and adult daughter when their plane goes down on a trip home for the holidays. Following several high-profile plane disasters, one gets the feeling that this type of personal tragedy is uncomfortably tangible at present.

The film neatly ties together the downward trajectory of both Roman, and Jake (Scoot McNairy) the air traffic controller on duty at the time of the accident. Based on actual events, Lester’s film skews the personalities and feelings of those involved such that his characters behaviours and reactions seem inauthentic and incongruent with human nature.

Adding to this, a plethora of eye roll worthy clichés make Aftermath an irritating and frustrating watch.




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